Pro Hoses -Silicone hose specialists. Pro Hoses range of silicone hoses for the Ford platform. 

Pro Hoses range of silicone hoses for the Ford platform – Including coolant hoses, boost hoses, induction hoses, auxiliary hoses – Full range of universal hoses also available 45 degree hoses, 90 degree hoses, straight hoses, hump hoses, coupling hoses and more!

Coolant and air, Fluoro-Lined (OIL), Nomex (HIGH TEMP) all available to order.

Silicone hoses available in a variety of different colour options. Unlike other leading hose brands, Pro Hoses are proud to be able to offer our silicone hoses in 10 different colour options.
Black blue and red hoses kept in stock, other colours made to order. Please allow 5-7 day delay.

The professional choice.

Jubilee clips, murray clamps, aluminium connectors and aluminium hard pipes all available online.